Behavior Analyst Trading Cards Available Soon in the ABAI Store


ABAI, in collaboration with Topps® Collectibles, is delighted to announce limited-release, first-of-their-kind trading cards featuring prominent behavior analysts. We expect the cards to be popular with behavior analysts of all ages and to gain in value over time as collector items.

Left: The Skinner Rookie Card. Right: A card from the Great Moments in Behavior Analysis series.

The cards will be released in thematic series. Each card in the first series, “Rookies,” will display an iconic behavior analyst at early career on the front and information about their noteworthy early accomplishments on the back.

Other planned series: SQAB-ies, Women in Behavior Analysis, ABAI Fellows, Culturally-Responsive Therapists, and Standard Celerators.

Plus watch for a very special series called “Organisms,” which tells the stories of unusual creatures (e.g., elephants, sun bears, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, comatose humans) that were the focus of behavioral research and practice.

Each pack contains 10 standard cards plus one novelty card (Pets of the Behavior Analysts, Great Moments in Behavior Analysis, etc.) and a stick of nostalgic but ethically-sourced baseball-card style bubble gum.

Start your own collection! Gift cards to your gung-ho colleagues! Display your stash in the office or lab as a sure-fire conversation starter!

Most importantly, get yours before they’re gone! A pack retails for $8, and the cards should be available soon. If you don’t see them in the ABAI Store, contact ABAI to find out the exact release date.

Down the road, we also hope to offer one-of-a-kind “Platinum Series” non-fungible tokens for the enjoyment of extra-enthusiastic collectors.