ABAI is pleased to present eight sections of blogs representing areas of interest to contemporary behavior analysts. Each section is coordinated by a leading scholar in our field, all of whom will be regularly sharing research and commentary to provide you with the need-to-know content of how behavior analysis is changing, or could be changing, our world.

The purpose of the blogs is to connect behavior analyst practitioners, researchers, academicians, and other supporters of the field to newsworthy items relevant to the science of behavior. Included will be news stories, scholarly articles, commentaries, and occasional guest bloggers. All the bloggers will be sharing their perspectives on various aspects of our science and its links to both practice and the world at large. We hope you will enjoy!

Behavioral Education

Contemporary analyses of both the use of behavior analysis in educational settings and the teaching of behavior analysis.
Section Coordinator: Melissa Swisher and Mirari Elcoro
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Behavior Analysis in Organizations

Discussion of the application of behavior analysis in the workplace, with both individuals and groups of individuals.
Section Coordinator: Darnell Lattal
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Behavior Analysis Practice Community

Behavior-analytic applications are addressed from both scientific and practical perspectives.
Section Coordinator: Jennifer McComas
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History of Behavior Analysis

The historical substrate of basic, applied, and conceptual behavior analysis is explored in these blogs.
Section Coordinators: Jeff Kupfer and Ron Allen
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Something Interesting

When something interesting comes along, drop everything else to pursue it.
Section Coordinator: Tom Critchfield
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Green Behavior Analysis

Behavior-analytic research and practice is related to healthy living and caring for our planet.
Section Coordinator: Brett Gelino
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Symbolic Language and Thought

These blogs focus on symbolic behavior and derived relational responding, with an emphasis on Relational Frame Theory’s goal of predicting and influencing human behavior with precision and broad scope.
Section Coordinators: Colin Harte and Dermot Barnes-Holmes
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Verbal Behavior Matters

These blogs provide conceptual analyses of language from a behavioral perspective and highlight their application in research and practice.
Section Coordinator: Rocio Rosales
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Every previously posted blog from this web site and its predecessor can be searched and accessed here.
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